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About us

DONG TAI BioMed Industrial CO., LTD. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of latex condoms, ultrasound probe covers and hypoallergenic latex gloves  founded due to Chinese and overseas investments. Our factory takes part at government programs of support of development of new technologies. We actively cooperate with state scientific institutes and allows young scientist to realize their achievements at the production plant. Therefore, we have established mass production of excellent products.

We are proud of production of excellent, thin and soft products of medical purpose according to patented technology. We are developing to become a leader of quality and cost. It takes 2-3 hours to get to the factory from Shanghai and Hangzhou. Our logistic department is in Shanghai..

We offer:

  • Ready-made condoms, ultrasound probe covers, hypoallergenic latex gloves, medical face masks under our trademarks;
  • Private label. Production of any condoms, ultrasound probe covers, latex gloves according to our clients order. We can help with design, texts, and assortment. We have EC and ISO certificates; our own certification department gets additional certificates in client’s country in case of necessity.  
  • Bulk. We can supply any volume of unpacked condoms, gloves, covers and face masks.
  • Our company actively cooperates with international funds to combat the spread of HIV infection. We offer condoms for anti-HIV programs.

Condom consumption is growing year by year, so choosing this product for your assortment will be a win-win. Partnership with us allows buyers and customers to become leaders in their niches in the region, and our goal is to contribute to this in every way.

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No. 82 Tonghai Road, Dongtai Coastal Economic Region, 224237 Jiangsu, China