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Deproteinized latex

DONG TAI BioMed INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is the only Chinese manufacturer produces deproteinized latex. Protein of natural latex may cause allergic reactions. Decreasing of quantity of this protein will decrease the risk of allergic reaction. Our fatory offer raw material deproteiinized latex  to manufacturers of medical devices, baby care products and wholesalers. Our price is 30 000 RMB for 1 000 kg.

Advantages of our deproteinized latex:

- low protein content, less than 11 mcg/g, to reduce contact allergy;

- MST of our deproteinized latex is around 1000 sec;

- gloves made from deproteinized latex are more convenient and comfortable to wear than traditional surgical gloves due to their advantages of non-hygroscopicity and high elasticity;

- deproteinized latex has a short prevulcanized time, so as to be able to shorten production cycle and reduce workload;

- the difference between ordinary commercial rubber gloves and deproteinized rubber gloves is most noticeable when they are exposed to water. If soaked in distilled water at 70° C for 20 hours, ordinary commercial rubber gloves absorb 2.6 to 3.8 mg. per sq. cm.. Deproteinized rubber gloves absorbs only about 0.46 to 0.75 mg. per sq. cm. This indicates that deproteinized gloves can avoid the bacteria bred due to moisture absorption so as to reduce infection because of exposing to wound and be more safe to patients.

Using deproteinized latex for production of your goods you will save money and attract more clients!



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